Totodile 81/111 CommonNeo GenesisPokemon Card

Totodile 81/111 CommonNeo GenesisPokemon Card,Totodile 81/111 CommonNeo GenesisPokemon Card, We always try to send you the best condition card available, however if you are happy with the card you recieve please feel free to contact us, To view the exact card you will get, please contact us and we will send you images, ,This item is an official Pokemon product, These cards are from large collections, and have varying condition, These cards are typically not in mint condition, however you will not receive a poor condition card,  <br /> <br /> The image shown is a sample condition card, save money with deals Online Exclusive New Fashions Have Landed offers the lowest prices and best selection online. CommonNeo GenesisPokemon Card Totodile 81/111

Totodile 81//111 CommonNeo GenesisPokemon Card