Welcome to my world.

My name is Josi Stevens. I am a sewer, crafter, cook, wife, mother, grandmother and follower of Jesus Christ. While this blog will primarily be about sewing, you may also get a sneak peek of anything creative I may attempt. In addition to sewing, I love to cook and entertain so I’m sure those will occasionally be making appearances. I also love to read and study the Bible which I consider the mapquest for my life.

My love for sewing can be attributed to my sweet mother who was a master seamstress. I remember as a small child falling asleep to the hum of her sewing machine. I learned by watching her therefore, I learned from the best. Her love for all things creative has always been my inspiration.

This season of my life I find myself a grandmother to 6 darling grandchildren that continue to keep me inspired. I love sewing for them all and enjoy any occasion to share in their lives.

I hope you join me on my journey as I seek to share my sewing adventures and any detour I may take along the way.

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